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Director: Andreas Nilsson

Temptations cat treats wanted a 15 second TV commercial....

We wanted to push the idea a little further than that.

So we launched the latest single from Alex Gaudino and Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas with a branded music video.

Partnering with record label Ultra Music, we produced the world’s first (and probably the last), cat workout music video.

We started by posting to the thousands of Ultra Music's followers on social platforms that something special was coming....

With Ultras fans now desperate to know what was about to drop, we released our branded music video. It racked up millions of views and downloads from music fans, and cat owners, and helped the brand see a massive uplift in sales, as well as repositioning them in consumers eyes as a relevant, fun brand.

Here's the wrap up video that describes what we did in more detail.

We also released lots of 15 second films that targeted cat owners on social.

As well as creating static social posts, which also ran in-store at point of purchase.

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