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Director: Ulf Johansson

We CD'd the FCA account that got the cheeky bankers to pay back £38 billion in compensation to people for the PPI scandal. The public loved Arnie. The bankers..... not so much. 

People were initially dismissive of PPI messages from advertisers - they'd heard it all before and weren't interested, but the deadline meant there was a finite period for people to claim. 

So using an animatronic head of Arnold Schwarzenegger on a set of tank tracks seemed like it might just make people sit up and listen.

And listen they did, with the banks paying back BILLIONS in compensation claims, as the campaign exceeded all expectations.

The campaign was recently awarded at the IPA awards for its success in claiming back 'billions to millions'.

Here are another two films from the first burst in the campaign.

The TV ad got noticed by Campaign too, giving it their pick of the week nod.

The print campaign was equally as impactful, with Arnie's head smashing through our FCA spokeswoman's image. This worked especially well as digital outdoor, running across every UK city.

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